Finding sponsors and advertisment is hard work!

If you have tried calling potential sponsors or contacting advertisment websites, you will know that you are lucky if you can just get the right person on the phone or the emails answered. Finding sponsors and advertisement such as banner, keyword adds, etc... is ti

Who we are?
SponsorAnything has been established to become the premier sponsor / sponsor seeker matching website on the Internet.

How can we help Websites?
Websites are always a good investment choice for corporate sponsors, local, and regional sponsors.

SponsorAnything works with hundreds of corporate sponsors and thousands of local and regional sponsors. They log in to our website daily to find investment opportunities. Theses investment opportunities range from millions of dollars for Sports events to few thousands of dollars for small websites.

We have an increasing number of partnerships with compagnies, websites, and advertisment firms that regularly read our opportunities.

Why use SponsorAnything?

We make website seekers complete a brief questionnaire that outlines the basic information that Sponsors need for investment decisions such as Alexa ratings, users, paged viewed per month, etc....

Sponsors are able to anonymously connect to our site and browse through the listings. They will directly contact the students they want to invest into.

The monthly cost is less than you would pay to call a few sponsors and never getting anyone on the phone.

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