SponsorAnything helps sponsors by providing you with a stream of sponsorship opportunities that fit your criteria. This service is free to sponsors and your contact information is never disclosed to anyone.

There are thousands of sponsorship opportunities listed here and many new listings are received everyday. They range in size from those requiring millions of dollars to smaller opportunities that only require thousands. They range from very high profile events that have large and well defined television audiences to small local events.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up and define the criteria for the sponsorship opportunities that you would like to receive.
  2. Sponsor seekers that would like to present their sponsorship opportunity to your company will select your company from a list. (They do not see any contact information. They only see your company name).
  3. Sponsorship opportunities that do not meet your predefined criteria will be automatically rejected and you will never see them.
  4. Sponsorship opportunities that do meet your criteria are sent to you electronically without revealing any contact information.

Why use SponsorAnything?

  • We make sponsor seekers complete a brief questionnaire that outlines the basic information that you (and marketing and sponsorship professionals) need to decide if the sponsorship opportunity is worth pursuing.
  • You only receive sponsorship opportunities that fit your pre defined criteria.
  • You remain anonymous until YOU decide that you want to contact the sponsor seeker.
  • It’s FREE to sponsors.
  • You have nothing at all to lose and lots of great sponsorship opportunities to gain!

Examples of great sponsorship opportunities that have been listed here:

  • Kentucky Derby
  • NASCAR Nextel races
  • Seigfried & Roy’s Havans Nights
  • NHRA Drag Racing
  • Red Cross blood drives
  • Passenger on the first Virgin Galactic flight
  • BMW racing team
  • Record setting balloon flight from Japan to the US.
  • World Poker Tour
  • Pro Golfers and other athlete
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