SponsorAnything is now offering rates adapted to all sponsor seekers.

Listing Rates are per month and per listing:

Home Page Features Listing: $150

Home Page Listing: $75

Search Page Featured Listing: $49

Standard Listing: $19

Special Listings:

- Students: $19.00

- Non-Profit: $19.00

You can find the details of rates below:

Home Page Featured Listing
Shows your listing in the top 10 position of the home page. This is where you have most chances of finding a sponsor.

Home Page Listing
Shows your listing on the home page. Sponsors look at the home page before logging into their account. Greatly increases your chances.
(Limited to 50 listings)

Search Page Featured Listing
Shows your listing next to the search fields. Sponsors have a great view of your listing this way.
(Limited to 20 listings)

Standard Listing
Shows your listing on the selected criteria. Excellent for small to medium size sponsorship opportunities.

Same as Standard Listing with a special price. Sponsors search by pre-defined criteria.

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