There have been many success stories that have come from listing on

We have selected one example from each of our major categories (sports, entertainment, non profit, corporate, arts).

We encourage you to note the 'integrated marketing' aspects of these examples. This is where sponsors receive real benefits in return for their investment. Like the examples on this page, you MUST ensure that your sponsorship opportunity is properly planned and offers real benefits for a sponsor. If you have achieved this, listing on will help by ensuring that more potential sponsors see your listing than any other approach (that we are aware of).
Success Story Number One
Category: Entertainment / non profit
Client: Impact Nation

The Sponsorship Opportunity: Impact Nation ("IN") is a charity associated with the founder of IN set up a tsunami relief concert on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica in February. Tower Records and T-Mobile paid for banners that would be displayed behind the band (see image on the right).

Integrated Marketing: By setting up the event in a crowded area like 3rd Street Promenade, IN was able to guarantee the sponsors that there would be a crowd. The bands were selected on the basis of their appeal to a demographic in the range of 15-30 years of age. The MC at the event was instructed to tell the audience that they can buy CD's of bands at the Tower Records.

The result for Tower Records: Visual exposure form the banner, verbal advertising from the MC, revenue is generated from the sale of CD's of the bands playing at the event, Tower Records is a good corporate citizen because they are supporting tsunami relief.  
Success Story Number Two
Category: Corporate
Client: Skyline

The Sponsorship Opportunity: Skyline is a clothing designer that wanted a sponsor for the launch of a new fashion line.

Integrated Marketing: Buyers from Kmart, Walmart, Target and Sears were invited to the fashion show / launch. Shoju (a new Japanese fashion accessories and cosmetics company) agreed to sponsor the event because they are seeking ways to get exposure to major US retailers - and they felt that Skyline fashion was consistent with their own brand which was targeted at girls in their late teens. Shoju also provided free samples at the event.

The result for Shoju: Visual exposure form the banners at the fashion show, introductions to buyers from Kmart, Target, Sears and Walmart.
Success Story Number Three
Category: Entertainment
Client: Awareness Productions

The Sponsorship Opportunity: Awareness Productions is creating a documentary about the people that have been displaced by the conflict in the Sudan and needed a sponsor to help cover the cost of travel and production of the documentary.

Integrated Marketing: Upon completion the documentary will be sold to and screened on National Geographic but there would be no funds provided until after the production is complete.  AGI (manufacturer of outdoor camping gear) agreed to sponsor the production in return for the production team agreeing to exclusively wear AGI clothing and shoes while shooting, provide a credit at the end of the documentary and provide a banner and link on the website for the documentary when it is complete  .

The result for AGI: Television exposure when the documentary is screened (at a cost that is far less than advertising on television) and a link to their website that will generate revenue.
Success Story Number Four
Category: Arts
Client: Virtual Mosaic

The Sponsorship Opportunity: Virtual Mosaic have developed technology that will allow them to provide virtual tours of participating museums located in all parts of the country using online streaming technology. They want a sponsor's name to appear at the bottom of the screen during the virtual tour.

Integrated Marketing: Hertzberg  Companies is a specialist publisher of history books and agreed to sponsor the virtual tours by listing the name of a book relevant to the subject matter in the virtual tour.

The result for Hertzberg: Promotion of a specific book to a specific audience. They are building an ecommerce site (for the first time) to be able to take orders online - with assistance from Virtual Mosaic.
Success Story Number Five
Category: Sports
Client: Gladstone Soccer Club

The Sponsorship Opportunity: Gladstone soccer club needed a sponsor to cover the team's travel expenses. Ultimate Subs (a local restaurant chain) paid to have their banners placed at the playing field for all home games.

Integrated Marketing: Ultimate subs also bought permission to be the only supplier of food (other than vending machines) at the home games.

The result for Ultimate Subs: Visual exposure form the banners, revenue generated from having a monopoly on food sales at the games. Ultimate subs is seen to be part of the community.
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