How do you to make your sponsorship opportunity attractive to potential sponsors? The following guide is the basis for the SponsorAnything questionnaire. You will significantly increase your chances of getting sponsored by carefully considering the following issues.

1. Describe the event / program that will be sponsored.

Ensure that you provide enough information for the potential sponsor to understand what it is that they are being asked to get involved with.

2. Where will the sponsor’s logo / images appear?

Ensure that the sponsor understand how their logo / images will appear in the eyes of the public.

3. How many people will see the sponsor’s logo/ images?

This directly affects that amount of money your sponsorship opportunity is worth.

4. Provide demographic information about the audience that will see the sponsor’s logo/images.

This is critical information for a sponsor. Include gender, age range, ethnicity,common interest. If you do not have specific information, provide estimates. Describe the geographic region(s) where the sponsor’s logo / images will be seen.

5. Will there be any form of media newspapers, magazines, radio, (TV, etc) involved? 

The exposure that the sponsor will receive will consist of both an audience at an event and any media exposure. An estimate of the likely media exposure will have a big impact on the value of the sponsorship opportunity.

6. Are there any current sponsors? 

Consider whether any other current sponsors may be competitors of the sponsor you are targeting or incompatible in some other way.

7. Provide an estimate of the amount of possible exposure for the sponsor based on a high and low scenario.

Ultimately, sponsors want know how much exposure they will get based on a good and a bad scenario.

8. Amount of sponsorship funds required and Frequency

Based on all of the above, carefully consider whether you should be asking for more or less than you were thinking. Sponsors will not contact you if they feel you are being unreasonable.

9. Deadline to receive sponsorship funds .

Is there an event or other deadline involved? Can it be changed?

10. Briefly outline benefits of sponsoring for the sponsor.

What benefits other than exposure are available to the sponsor? Will they receive free goods or services, association with a good cause, etc?

11. Outline the types of sponsors that you feel should be interested in your sponsorship opportunity.

Try to make a compelling connection  between the products of a sponsor and your sponsorship opportunity.

12. Is there a detailed sponsorship proposal ready to give to interested sponsors? 

Sponsors will want to see a detailed sponsorship proposal (particularly for large opportunities).

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